Insanimus Guano Does a Walk-About

You know what a walk-about is right? It’s what the Aussies do as a right of passage when they go into the wilderness for a period of time and emerge as better human beings. Insamimus has their walk-abouts too. It is when these crazy fuckers decide that they don’t want to be a grown-up and go off on their own, sans spouse and kids, and spend other people’s money.
We were on an expedition recently and were seated next to this woman who seemed to not be able to smile. OK, she is one of those people afflicted with Bitch Face. I hear it is a medical condition. We are in Mexico and the ship is serving free drinks. Who wouldn’t be happy under these conditions. Insanimus.
As she leaned back and looked oh so chill, I looked at her and commented: “Wow, you look oh so chill!”
She opened her eyes and replied, “Of course I am. I am on vacation without my husband or kids.”
Hmmm. I was down in Mexico researching Insanimus Guano and I found one in the wild on a boat right next to me. What a lucky find.
My own experiences with Insamimus and Walk-abouts is that they are filled with much more than we think. The Insanimus Walk-About is often at the expense of everyone else. There are recorded histories of Insanimus using walk-abouts for their own sordid affairs only later to accusing their partner as having the affair to cover up their own affair. Inanimus Guano, what a fucker!
Time to write the next chapter of the Chronicles of Insanimus Guano. I really should have thanked her for the inspiration but when it comes to Insanimus, I don’t feed the animals.

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