Hair Thai Insanimus

College is the place that we all explore who we are and where our interests lie. Some people focused that introspection on their studies. I focused it on what kind of woman I was interested in. History would prove that my early choices were more reflective of what I truly needed to avoid in my life. But, as I have said before, there are those that are led with their head and those that are led by getting head.

Sarintra was a Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority girl. She was an immigrant from Thailand. Her and her mom seemed to be permanently tied at the ear. She was always on the phone with her talking about what, I don’t know because they were talking Thai. No being a linguist, I had no idea what the fuck that language was. But, being an idiot, it was exotic and I fucking loved it.

Our relationship was short and for good reason. She was a poorly trained insanimus guano. Her kind of crazy came on with the speed of a grey hound, but as clumsy as a 2 month old lab.

It happened one night after we were out drinking at the club. We came back to my place and quickly got down to business. Clothes were flying. Things were said. Sex was happening. That was all a blur as it usually was. Like I said, she was exotic and that kind of exotic was highly erotic. Erotic and crazy.

The next morning I got up to shower. Sarinta was still in bed, sheets thrown off, lying on her belly. Nothing beats a beautiful woman lying naked in your bed in the morning. It is sure to cause a case of morning wood. After I got out of the shower, I dried off and came back to bed with the intention of another round of sex that would make the readers Penthouse blush.

Sarinta was propped up on her elbows just looking at me. I liked the vibe. It screamed “Repeat!”

She looked at me and calmly asked, “Um, babe, who’s hair is this?” Sarinta was holding a long strand of blond hair.

I honestly had no idea. Not that I was fucking around on her. I had little time for that. Sarinta had an insatiable appetite for sex and all kinds of sex. She introduced me to things that must have been native to Thailand. It was the kind of sex that would make no sane man ever want to stray. Yes, sometimes sex is just that good that straying would be just that bad.

“I have no idea where that came from. I definitely don’t know who’s it is.”

She stood up, still holding that strand of hair. “Who’s the slut that you’ve been fucking?”

“No one. I haven’t been fucking anyone but you.”

“Liar. This isn’t mine, that for sure. You’ve had some blond whore up here. Who is she? Are you fucking one of my Sorority sisters?”

Tough answer. At one time the answer was yes, just not chronologically yes. “No.” Simple was the best. Anything more would mean I was cut off from mind blowing sex.

“You are such a liar. I know you’ve been looking at Ashley and her big tits. She’s not even a real blond. She is just the slut to fuck a sister’s boyfriend.”

That conversation was going into crazyville fast. Plus, it is hard to argue while staring at a beautiful naked woman while your cock is half erect. The last thing on your mind is arguing because the first thing on your mind is make up sex even if it’s for an argument about something you didn’t do.

“I swear to you, I have no idea who’s it is. I just changed the sheets yesterday. Maybe it came from the laundromat?” I realized right after I said it, that I was done. Her eyes said it all. Having a naked woman glare at you and not in that “Come fuck me, you asshole” sort of way is enough to make even the stoutest cock shrivel up like a turtle.

She turned away and started to get dressed. The way she got dressed was, I believe in hindsight, intentially seductive. It was to remind me what I was about to be missing. It started with her thong. Then she bent over to grab her shirt and took her time bent over to straighten out the arms. Shen she put it on, sans a bra, her modest tits stuck right out for me to take notice. Then she shimmied into her jeans. When she put the heals on, it was done. Out the door she went without another word.

Fuck. That is all I could think at the time. I had no idea where that hair came from but it definitely fucked up all future plans I had for sex with Sarinta. Fuck!

Three days went by without a word from her. I called but she never was there. She did not call me back. I figured that was the end of. I didn’t want it to be the end. No one wants and end to great sex.

The next weekend some buddies and I went out to the brew pub for beers and bullshit. After we were there for a bit some of Sarinta’s sorority sisters came in and took up a high-top next to us. One of them recognized me and we started talking. Her name was Jill.

“Hey, aren’t you Sarinta’s boyfriend?” she asked.

“I was until a few days ago. We had a big fight and I haven’t heard from her since” I told her.

Jill looked at me and then to her sisters. One of them nodded to her in that silent girl code. That no words are passed but they had a full conversation mind trick. She turned back to me and asked in an almost apologetic tone, “Was it about some one else’s hair?”

Now how did she know that. Of course, they are all sorority sisters, they talk. “Yup, it was. She found a blond strand of hair on my pillow. I swear I had nothing to do it. I have no idea where it came from or who’s it was. All I know is that she was pissed!”

“Did it look like this?” she asked as she pulled a strand of one of her sister’s hair. The other girl gave a quick yelp as it was tugged out of her scalp.

“I suppose so.” I said. “I honestly don’t recall except that it was from a blond.”

That apologetic look became a sympathetic look. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it to much. I saw her taking some hair off of Serena’s hairbrush last week. Sarinta is a bit crazy so I didn’t think anything of it. I guess we know what she did with it after all.”

“Fuck.” That is all I said. I was dumbfounded.That crazy woman planted the hair on my bed just to have an argument. That was the end of it.

Sarinta did finally call me back. I sat on the other end of that call, with the phone on speaker for my buddies to hear while were all drank a beer. She forgave me for cheating on her. Told me to promise never to do it again. I let her go on. She said I was such an asshole for fucking cheating on her and how she was the best lay I would ever have. She wanted to make sure I knew what I was missing and she knew that I wanted to get back together with her.

I finally let her off the hook from her own embarrassment. “Sarinta, I talked with Jill yesterday. She told me what you did. I know that you put the hair on my pillow. I know you took it from one of your sister’s hair brushes. Sarinta, you are fucking nuts. Goodbye.”

That was that. Great Thai sex goodbye. I walked away from that insanimus and did not look back. I hope, for the sake of other guys out there, that they were able to do the same. Chances are though, Sarinta honed in her insanimus skills and learned to boil a toad with the best of them.

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